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Open Groups for Parents

Our open groups for parents are primarily hosted in neighbourhoods inhabited by many new Swedes. Both new and ‘old’ Swedes from all neighbourhoods, who are parents to children between the ages 0-2 , are welcome to join. The participants get the opportunity to meet on equal terms which presents a space to learn from and share their cultural perspectives and experiences.

Our get-togethers are centred on different, changing themes where the conversation topics and activities are adjusted according to the group, their interests and level of Swedish. Common re-occurring elements are singing- and play-time for the babies, as well as laughter, feeding and diaper changes.

Our co-organisers provide the practicality around the open groups, such as venue and general support, and the meetings are planned and hosted by voluntary group leaders. Apart from playing and singing with the children, the participants exchange their experiences around the challenges of parenthood, their child’s development, living-situations, food, relations, health and well-being, education, work and much more.

As the groups work closely together with the co-organisers, meetings occasionally tie into the areas in which they are held and invite guests such as employees from BVC (the Child Care Centre) and pre-schools to provide useful information for you and your child.

 Joining our open groups for parents is free of charge and requires no pre-registration.

 Click here to see the time and location of the meetings of our groups. For more information about our current activities, follow our Facebook page!


Activities with Baby

A few times per semester, we arrange activities for our participants from all our groups. There is an array of different activities such as outings, study visits, visits to the theatre, exploratory neighbourhood walks and much more. If you wish to join you will need an invite, usually received at the open groups for parents. For more information about our activities, check out our Facebook page!

Family-time Saturdays

Eight times per semester we arrange family-time Saturdays where we invite the entire family. Similarly, to the open groups, these events are free of charge and require no pre-registration. However, unlike the open groups we welcome you and your entire family, also older children, and provide an opportunity to stay engaged even after your parental leave. Family-time Saturdays also presents the opportunity for your children taking part of their parents experience, namely finding new friends from all over the world.

Click here for information about the time and locations of our family-time Saturdays. You can also follow our Facebook page to stay updated with our latest happenings.


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