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Together we are stronger! Do you want to show your support for Svenska med baby? Do you want to engage at your own level? Do you share our values about everyone’s equal value and participation in the Swedish society, free from segregation and exclusion? Then you are welcome to become a member of Svenska med baby!

As a member, you will have the opportunity to strengthen Svenska med baby. You will have the right to vote in important matters and will be invited to our yearly meeting. You will also receive our newsletters and the latest news from Svenska med baby.

Svenska med baby wants all children to grow up in an environment shaped by security and consideration, where parents and families are included in an open and equal society.

The personal engagement

Our activities are for the most part led by volunteers. Before each semester we always look for new volunteer group leaders for our open parent groups. You are welcome to contact us if you are on parent leave and want to lead an open parent group. Another easy way to get involved in Svenska med baby is to spread information about us and our parent groups on social media. As a member, you can also help us distribute posters with information about our open parent groups locally through our communication package. Here you can read about more ways for you to show your support.

Free membership

The membership runs per calendar year and is free of charge! When it is time to renew you membership, we will send you the information to your e-mail.


By registering your membership in Svenska med baby, you also agree for us to take part of and save your personal information in accordance to GDPR.

Change your information?

If you would like to change any information related to your membership, you are welcome to contact us at

I want to become a member! Fill out the form below and show your support and engagement to Svenska med baby. Thank you!

It is completely optional to fill in “gender”. We use the data only to see the variation among our members.

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