Activity with baby

Our activity ”Activity with baby” is arranged a few times per semester.
Parents on parent leave and their babies are welcome to join us for a fun time, of doing something out of the ordinary together with your child and other parents and children.


Together with other parents and children you get to do a fun activity and at the same time share experience and get to know new people. It is also a great way to get to know the area you live in.

It is free of charge and you register through the invitation you will get as of being a participant in our Open groups for parents. Most often you will get the invitation through our local Facebook groups or by e-mail.

For whom?

These activities are directed to our participants in our Open groups for parents.

When you participate in Activity with baby, you will not only have a great time with your baby and maybe share you baby´s first theatre experience with other parents and babies, but you are also contributing to a more openly and inclusive society.

If you have any questions, please contact us: 

Some of the places that we have been visiting:

  • Theater performance with Da-Da-Da, Stockholm
  • Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
  • Trampoolin Babysim, Stockholm
  • The Royal Palace, Stockholm
  • Dance performance Natten, Göteborg
  • Alfons Åbergs kulturhus, Göteborg
  • Sjöfarts- och hantverkasmuseet, Sundsvall
  • Sveriges Fängelsemuseum, Gävle


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